Sunday, September 2, 2007

zoo visit

Two of my coworkers and I drove an hour and a half to another small zoo for the opportunity to go in an exhibit with-and pet- cheetahs. It was awesome!!! We were pleasantly surprised when we not only got the cheetah experience, but a guided tour of the whole zoo including behind the scenes areas. It was a really fun day!

The two cheetahs came right to the gate as we entered, purring loudly in anticipation of getting attention. They laid down and allowed us to pet them and pose for pictures. We spent about 15 minutes playing with the cheetahs while the keepers told us all about them. They came from a litter where the mother rejected the cubs so they were hand raised from the time they were born so are not only used to people, but actually enjoy their company. We really didn't want to leave.

We then drove back to Peoria and out to Grand Prairie where they had a display of several tigers, a lion, two leopards, and a cougar. I'm not crazy about traveling big cat exhibits, but I have to admit it's pretty cool to see so many big cats (and especially so many baby cats) in one place. We also got ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery- a good end to a good day!

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