Sunday, September 30, 2007

terrible boo boo

Logan had a hangnail this morning. It looked pretty minor- no blood or even redness- but he was complaining about it. Gene got him a band-aid and we thought we would move on with our lives. Nope. By lunchtime he was BAWLING and begging to go to the hospital. I thought maybe the band-aid was rubbing it wrong so I convinced him to let me change it. Instead of a band-aid I wrapped his entire finger in a large gauze pad and then wrapped that with bandage tape. I doubt his finger would have been wrapped so majorly had it been severed and reattached! Anyway, he liked it and calmed down quickly. He actually left the gigantic thing on until his shower tonight. Whatever...

We got our new carpet this week and I absolutely love it. It's nice to have fresh, clean carpet. It's so much more pleasant to walk on than the hideous old berber. Hopefully it will still look nice when the new furniture arrives in a month and a half :)

Well, gotta go pull a splinter out of Kaylin's toe. Maybe if I wrap it in a yard of gauze she'll stop bawling before 11pm.

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