Saturday, October 6, 2007

Coolest thing ever

My mom's complaining that I'm not posting enough, but I've had a really good (and thus boring) week. Work was great, the kids were great, the neighbor kids didn't poop on our new carpet... A good week! One of my favorite zoo animals, a very old binturong named Yoda, is doing well after minor surgery. We got new floors and drains in the emu and swan houses that should make cleaning much easier. The kids played well together and didn't wake me up ONE TIME this week. I started run/walking 2 miles every other day, doing a core strengthening DVD on the off days. Are you asleep yet?

If not, I'll tell you about the coolest thing I've ever seen. Today I was heading to the Aussie exhibit after my morning break when I spotted a ~3 inch praying mantis on a trellis. A female cardinal swooped down and knocked it to the ground. The mantis started madly waving its arms, trying to scare off the bird. I never realized that cardinals have facial expressions, but the bird tilted its head and looked at the mantis with an "Are you serious?" expression before plucking it into its beak and flying off. It totally made my day! Cardinals are my new favorite birds.

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