Sunday, October 21, 2007

party time

My emu costume was a hit among my coworkers, but I don't think one other person had a clue what I was supposed to be. One woman actually asked if I was a snake. Huh? I didn't look ANYTHING like a snake! Overall, Howl-Zoo-Ween was a good time. I mostly hung out in the gift shop and took change to the people working the front gate when they needed it. I also worked the costume contest, ushering the contestants off stage. Gene took the kids and they had a good time. Each of them brought home at least 3 pounds of candy.

Today was Logan's pirate birthday party. We had it a couple weeks early so his cousins could be there. All the kids had pirate hats, eye patches and hooks. Gene made a treasure map and took the kids hunting for treasure. Logan got lots and lots of airplane toys- exactly what he wanted. My mom made an awesome treasure chest cake and I got to eat cheesy Pringles. I don't go as all-out crazy decorating as I did before I worked fulltime, but I put up plenty of pirate stuff. My favorite addition to this year's party was finding an online pirate name generator. I typed in each person's name and it spit out their pirate name. I found some of those "Hello, my name is" stickers at the dollar store so I made a sticker for each person. The names were pretty funny. My three-year-old niece was "No-Eyes Doris" and my brother was "Seal Breath Wade." We all had a good time teasing each other about our pirate names. Logan had a great time, LOVED all his presents and is already talking about what to do for his birthday next year.

On the way home Gene stopped at the gas station for a soda. He came back out to the car laughing his head off. Gene completely forgot he was still wearing his "Hello, my name is Scurvy Gums Syd" sticker. The cashier got quite a laugh from his very strange name tag. He just left her guessing as to why he was sporting such an, uh, interesting name :)

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