Monday, October 8, 2007


We took the kids to Tanner's Orchard yesterday. They spent ages playing in (and on) the straw bale maze and in the rest of the playground. They went on pony rides and rode the barrel train. We checked out the farm animals and the pumpkins. We drank cider and ate apple donuts. I bought my annual turtle brownie (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.)

It was the usual Tanner's experience with one fabulous new addition... Make your own snow cones!!!!!! This was my childhood dream- getting a large cup of shaved ice and adding as much syrup as I wanted! They had 8 or 10 flavors of syrup. It was awesome! Kaylin tried a little bit (actually a lot) of each flavor but I couldn't bring myself to combine sour apple, grape and rootbeer. Yuck. I started out with cherry and when I sucked all the syrup out of the ice I refilled with root beer. Delicious! And perfect for an insanely hot (90+) October day.

The neighbors finally moved in yesterday. I have a bad feeling about how much time our kids will spend together :) There was no school today and the kids were running around playing at 8am. Little Boy showed up this morning with pinkeye so I have no doubt my kids will get it. They ALWAYS get pinkeye! Otherwise, everyone played well and nobody made any major messes. Not a bad day off.

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