Sunday, October 28, 2007

looong weekend

I took yesterday off because I have too much "E-time" and will be accumulating more during the upcoming holidays. I had nothing special planned for my extra day off so I apparently forgot to tell Logan about it. Whoops. He kind of NEEDS to know about "major" changes to his schedule!

Logan woke up early (as usual) Saturday morning and (as usual) found me in the living room reading the paper. He climbed into the chair with me and we cuddled and talked and enjoyed each other's company for a while. He then noticed the time and said "Mom, it's 6:30, you better get ready for work!" (He's very into time and schedule.) I explained that I wasn't working and that I was going to stay home! Yeah!!! Logan got a shocked look on his face, leaped out of the chair and yelled "It's Saturday! You work on Saturday! You're not my friend!!!!" He stormed off for a few minutes to mull over this shocking news. When he returned, he was very happy and excited and climbed back into the chair for more cuddling and talk. Note to self: Start warning Logan several days in advance of our "beecation to Dindywynnafolis!"

Our beloved goldfish "Beth" died this week. I can't remember if we got her when Kaylin was a newborn or when she was one, but we've had her at least six or seven years. She was a really cool goldfish- every time I walked into the room she'd swim around and beg for food. I'll miss her... Logan wants to replace her with a "big tank full of sharks." Hmmmmm. No. I'm thinking there can be no replacement for Beth :)

My running improved slightly this week. I had one day where I ran two (separate) quarter mile stretches without walking. I also had a neat experience running with a deer. I won't pretend to be a deer expert, but I think it was a young buck because he had weenie antlers. There's an empty lot two yards up from us and deer often graze there. Anyway, he was standing at the edge of the lot and when I jogged by he joined me to the end of the street and then turned around with me and joined me back to the lot. He waited and did it again on my next lap. It was awesome! It was also a bit terrifying because I didn't want to be attacked by a deer. We have an ongoing joke at the zoo that if any of us are killed by something embarrassing (emu, cow, monkey) the other keepers will move the body to the tigers so our death will at least appear cool. I guess if I'm killed by a deer while running, throw me under a bus!

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