Saturday, October 27, 2007

five, not four

We've spent the past year building up "age 5" as the ultimate age to be. Five-year-olds are big kids who sleep in their own beds, brush their own teeth and throw all their sippy cups into the recycling bin. Logan has taken this very seriously. He doesn't have a real concept of time, but in June or July he started prepping for his "change to adulthood" by sleeping in his own bed after sleeping on Kaylin's floor for nearly a year. Logan then started brushing his own teeth after insisting Gene or I do it. (I never understood that one since he insists on doing EVERYTHING else for himself.) Finally, he gave up his beloved sippy cup that I will admit he still occasionally used like a bottle while curled up with his blanket. (We still haven't recycled the sippy cups because the cabinet they're in IS five feet away from the recycling bin!) Anyway, my point is that Logan actually believed all the crap we were spewing about age 5 and made all the changes himself to prepare for his big day.

Logan's big day is actually November 8th, but his birthday party was October 21st. The birthday party where he had a cake with FIVE candles and opened lots of presents to celebrate turning FIVE. Kaylin enjoys tormenting Logan anytime, but the "you're not five yet" button is sure to give her endless pleasure for the next 12 days. Logan asks several times a day "How old am I?" and before I can answer he says "I'm FIVE." I've given up on any contradiction or explanation. Sure thing kiddo, you're as old as you feel :)

Hmmmmm, this whole thing has me thinking... What do SIX-year-olds do? Their own laundry? Gas up the car for mom? Bwa ha ha ha! The possibilities are endless!

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