Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bwa ha ha ha

The moment we finished eating Monday night the neighbor kids came running over. (At least we got to eat first...) They had only been over about a half hour when the mom showed up at the door and said "We found poop on the floor so I came to check (Little Boy's) diaper." How I kept from guffawing in her face I will never know! Anyway, I invited her in and we walked to the playroom where Little Boy happened to be playing in the guinea pig food. He had two giant fists full of food he was getting ready to throw into the air to fall all over the floor with the rest of the food he'd already thrown. Logan was innocently playing at the train table and the girls were back in Kaylin's room so it was completely obvious who made this mess.

I ran over and emptied Little Boy's hands and then noticed he had filled the guinea pig's cage with large tunnels and bridges from the train set. At this point I lost it and started laughing. The whole situation was overwhelmingly funny. I mean, Neighbor Mom shows up with the poop story, sees her kid throwing food all over the room and then sees that her kid filled the cage with toys. I couldn't keep it inside!

I quickly rescued the wooden train toys from the rodent- who was fortunately still too scared to have started chewing them up- oh, they probably would have killed him from all the lead paint, LOL. Meanwhile, Neighbor Mom was hurrying to get her kids' shoes on. She was mortified by Little Boy's behavior :) They left for the night and didn't come back last night. Tonight and tomorrow night we'll be gone. Ahhhh, a lovely little break. Definitely worth two minutes of vacuuming!

New subject. Sunday at the shooting range I had the luckiest shot of my life. I was there with an equally inexperienced coworker. We each shot five rounds from 15 yards. I hit the target paper every time, but no spectacular grouping or anything. We were then asked to move to the 25 yard line. I went first. The cop training us told me to aim for the (target outline's) belt. I loaded up five rounds, aimed for the belt and BAM!, hit right in the middle of the belt buckle on my first shot! The cop was thrilled. He walked me down to the target yakking about my placement and then LET ME SIT OUT THE REST OF THE SESSION!!!!!!!!!!!! This was sooooo great! We use buckshot and the shotgun kicks HARD. It hurts to shoot and I hate doing it. Getting away with shooting only 6 rounds (last time I did 15) rocked my little world!

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