Thursday, September 6, 2007


This morning I was feeling sorry for myself because it's the last day of my long weekend and I needed to call the heath department about getting a tetanus shot and the vet about getting the cat's annual vaccinations. I was hoping to accomplish at least one of those things this "weekend" but put off calling :) Turns out I need an appointment for the shot and they can't get me in until the 24th and the vet's office is unusually busy today so I have to wait until Monday. Yes! Now the only obligation I have for today is to be home at 11:30 for the carpet measurer guy. I think I can handle that! Oh, and tonight I have to go to the meet the teacher night at Kaylin's school. Definitely not a big deal.

I went to my favorite Bloomington party store yesterday (Party City) and found the perfect pirate themed stuff for Logan's party. It's not at all scary and it cost WAY less $$$ than I was planning to spend at the online store. It's even kind of cute. I also went to the toy store but they didn't have any airport toys :( I did find a cool set of airport vehicles that came with a jet and a fun looking pirate game so it wasn't a wasted trip. (Not that it EVER would be- the store's so fun.) I normally hate shopping for anything, but yesterday's trip was fun. I came home and tried my luck online again and found a suitable toy airport through Amazon. It's cheap-looking and I'm sure it won't last, but it fits his Matchbox-size planes and I'm sure he'll love it. Plus, it was only $20. I guess I'm NOT procrastinating on Logan's November birthday.

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