Tuesday, September 25, 2007

boring update

My life's been too dull and boring the past week to bother writing about.

The only interesting thing was the kids' first karate class. It's a class for 4-7 year olds so both kids are in the same class. The teacher had the ~15 kids line up in two lines. That took about ten minutes. It took another 5 minutes to get them to shut up. They stretched for a while and then started practicing punches, kicks and blocks for the remainder of the FORTY-FIVE minute class. It was hilarious to watch. The teacher was trying to be all tough and in charge but the kids were all spinning and jumping around and talking and singing. He was explaining to the kids that when he gave an order they were to say "Yes, Sir!" and do what he asked. One little boy answered "Yes, Ma'am!" (way too young to do it intentionally) and the teacher had to turn away to suppress laughter before he sternly shouted "Sir, NOT ma'am!" I'm not exactly sure why, but both kids loved the class and can't wait to go again this Thursday.

The neighbor kids have been driving me INSANE!!!!!! They were here all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Monday night the kids went on a picnic with Sharon, so Neighbor Mom pretty much took off for home the moment she found out we wouldn't be babysitting. Tonight the kids were standing at the front door waiting for us when Kaylin and I pulled into the driveway. They were in the house before I was. Grrrrr. They whined while my kids were eating because we didn't feed them. In their defense, they brought their supper over when they came. They each had a blueberry Pop Tart.

I'm about ready to snap on the Little Boy! In the ten minutes it took me to make pork chops and mashed potatoes he threw guinea pig hay around the room. While I was cleaning that up he pushed the button on the water cooler in the kitchen and spilled water all over the floor. While I was cleaning that up he took the zillion cds off the computer desk and scattered them around the room. I then screamed at him not to make any more messes or he was going home. He's behaved for the past hour.

Yeah, why am I putting up with this? I'm not really sure. I do feel really sorry for the parents because the dad has been working on this house every night for months, leaving the mom with the 4 yr old, 2 yr old and a few month old baby. Every time they think they're finally going to be able to move, something else major comes up and they have to fix it. I can't even imagine how stressed the mom must be. Still, I'm beyond sick of our lives being ruled by the neighbor kids! We've already made several rules. Once they move we'll make MANY more, including NO KIDS OVER UNTIL WE'RE DONE EATING!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, I keep putting up with the crap because I think they're going to move "this weekend."

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