Thursday, August 30, 2007


Well, the Rug Doctor did help a little... However, the carpet still looks disgusting. I finally convinced Gene that I AM The. Most. Low-Maintenance. Woman. he ever could have married when it comes to material possessions, so when "I" want to spend money on new carpet and living room furniture IT MUST BE TIME to get new stuff! Now the problem is actually shopping for anything that's not sold at WalMart or Target. There just isn't time! Ok, there just isn't desire! I have a 5-day weekend coming up so I will FORCE myself to go to the carpet and furniture stores.

As stated many times before, I am NOT ready for cold weather! I AM ready for a break from all the zillions of spider webs! It seems I can't do ANYTHING at work without walking into webs everywhere I go. I don't mean the occasional sticky strand across my face, I am walking into the huge orbs and spending minutes pulling the stuff out of my hair. And then the next exhibit I go to I do the same thing! I back into webs and walk face-first into them. They are EVERYWHERE! I normally dust the webs in my barns once a week or maybe every few days but for the past two weeks I've had to do them every day. Seriously, what is the deal with these spiders?

Now it's time for an Official Webkinz Update. Webkinz are taking over the Turner household. Kaylin has eight and Logan has five. The mania for the website has died down and Kaylin is spending little time there. She usually logs on once a day to do the gem and charm hunts and play a few short games. It's somewhat educational so I'm definitely not opposed. I spend a few minutes a day playing the daily games with Logan but I'm no longer obsessed and rarely spend much time there. The kids have been playing together with their "real" Webkinz toys so that's a good thing! It's nice to see Logan playing with something other than vehicles or balls. I'm sure they'll come out with new "must-haves" but for now everyone's content with what they have. Oh, and I found a few charms and I think that will be all we need :)

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