Friday, August 24, 2007

What the yo?

Yesterday was really hot and humid. I worked outside all day and was filthy and hot and desperately needed a shower. However, Thursday is Gene's night out so I had to pick up both kids and make them supper and then the neighbor kids came over the moment we pulled into the driveway. I normally would have waited to shower until the neighbor kids went home (or just sent them home) but last night I was too hot to care. I told Kaylin she was in charge (she digs being in charge) and then told Kaylin and Logan they'd be showering as soon as I finished.

I quickly showered and dressed. When I left the bathroom to get Kaylin I got quite a surprise... All four kids were running around the living room naked. I was just shocked. All I could think about was their mom coming to get them right at that moment and finding her kids naked. (How weird would that be?) What possible explanation could I give? I quickly shooed my kids off to the shower and hunted down the neighbor kids' clothes and dressed them while lecturing about how they couldn't get naked at my house because their mom might not like it. LOL. That was seriously the only excuse I could think of! Anyway, I got them dressed moments before their mom came to collect them. Phew!

Oh, did I forget to mention the little boy is still in pull-ups? And that I found a big turd in the middle of my living room floor? Yep, I did. And for those keeping track, yes, that IS the second time he's pooped on my carpet! Good thing my carpet's so crappy (pun intended.)

New subject. Logan LOVES sharks. I was really sick of reading him the same shark book over and over so last time I was at Barnes and Noble I found a "coffee table book" about sharks in the bargain section. I flipped through and it had lots of great pictures. Great, right? Wrong. The first time we read it I discovered a chapter I missed in the store. Shark bite victims. Shark bite victims with disgusting, bloody wounds and missing limbs. What do you think Logan's favorite part of the book is? Yup. He has to point to each victim and announce "He had to go to the hospital." and I HAVE to answer "Yes he did." The other night we drove past Proctor Hospital and Logan said "That's the shark bite hospital." His tone made it perfectly clear that disagreeing or arguing would NOT be tolerated. Anyway, I imagine Proctor treats just as many shark bite wounds as the two bigger hospitals in town!

Kaylin had a great first week of school and loves her new teacher. Her best friend from last year is in her class again and she goes to latchkey with her other best friend. Logan is staying in his same room with his same room teachers. I have no idea how his school determines what room the kids go into but some of his friends moved to different rooms but they all have the same preschool teacher. Logan's happy to still be in Mr. Joe's room.

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