Monday, August 13, 2007

rainbow bend

So the dreaded day finally arrived and I took the kids to the public pool. I flashed my park district ID and we got special PD employee wristbands and free admission. The kids headed immediately to the shallow stairs area of the regular pool where they jumped off the side about 12 zillion times before I even had a chance to get into the pool. We'd been there all of 15 minutes when Logan pulled himself over the side and puked massively all over the pool deck. The manager came running up and was VERY happy it was not IN the pool and immediately hosed and sanitized the area with TWO GALLONS of bleach.

I KNEW Logan wasn't actually sick-just drank too much pool water- so we kind of hid out for a couple of minutes and then went to play in the kiddie waterpark pool for a while. Then the kids were ready for the big slides. This was Logan's first time on the big slides. This was my first time on the big slides since high school. I remember when these slides opened and it was a HUGE deal! I remember getting a wristband that was good for X number of slides and they'd punch your band every time you went down. The lines were huge and the slides were soooo fast and fun. Were these REALLY the same slides??? I mean, yeah, I weigh a LOT more than back in the day, but even the kids weren't going that fast! It was just a cool, pleasant ride down a long sliding board on a hot day. After the fifth time I was sooooo bored I insisted we go play in the sand area for a while. Logan was bummed because he LOVED the slides! (I did let him go again later.) Kaylin went off the diving board several times until that pool was closed for an hour because somebody puked IN it. Fortunately NOT one of MY kids!!!

We spent almost 3 hours at the pool and left exhausted and starving. It turned out to be a really good time. Not something I'd want to do every weekend, but next summer I'll consider going more often. Hopefully by next year Logan will be old enough to NOT drink the water!

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