Monday, August 20, 2007

first day of school

Today is Kaylin's first day of 2nd grade. She was soooooo excited I don't know how she got through the early morning. It was great watching her put on new clothes and lovingly grab her new backpack full of new school supplies. She babbled incessantly about different friends, the bus, recess and lunchtime.

Kaylin's school has two separate buildings and this will be her first year in the "big kid" building. The big kid building has a MUCH better playground and a nicer cafeteria. She will no longer need to cross the street for gym, library or computers. A terribly exciting step up...

Meanwhile, Logan was cuddling with me in the chair, talking about how NEXT YEAR he'll get to go with Kaylin on the bus and go to kindergarten! (His new year of preschool doesn't start until next week when he'll move to a new room and have new room teachers. I'm pretty sure his preschool teacher will be the same as last year.) I'm ready to stop paying for daycare, but I'm not ready for my baby to be a big schoolage kid who likely won't want to cuddle with Mom anymore :(

After Kaylin got on the bus, I went to the grocery store. In the checkout line I ran into a former coworker from the vet's office. I was shocked that she just took her only child to his first year of college and she was shocked that the baby I "just had" while we were working together is now in 2nd grade! Sigh. Time flies!

We went to Chicagoland for the last weekend before school started. I had to work a half day on Saturday so we drove to Schaumburg to spend the night and then went to Brookfield Zoo to touch stingrays on Sunday. The big plan was for Gene to take the kids swimming at the hotel while I shopped at the Lands' End outlet store and went to IKEA for Logan's new bed. I had good luck at Lands' End, but IKEA stopped carrying the bed we wanted! AAAHHHHHHHHH! This was the PERFECT size low loft bed! It was also $400 less than other similar beds we've looked at. Bummer.

It poured rain and was pretty chilly on Sunday. We all had umbrellas, but Logan HATED when the rain was heavy and whined a lot about being cold. (I thought the weather was GREAT after working in the blazing hot sun for the past few weeks.) We did get to touch the stingrays and see all the indoor exhibits. We saw a cute baby polar bear and got to see how much the baby giraffe has grown since our last visit. Logan loved the gorillas this trip. He usually only cares about the sea creatures. It turned out to be an ok trip despite the weather. It wasn't an "awesome weekend" but I don't regret going.

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Doug said...

That stinks about the bed at Ikea. I recently loaded a cart up there with bedroom furniture for Eli only to find that they were out of stock on the matching dresser (the last item I needed to pick up). I was so mad I abandoned my cart there in aisle 29, got an ice cream cone and went home. I returned over the weekend with the boys and my parents (somebody had to drive the mini van) and bought the plan B furniture. It ended up looking good, and now I can threaten Eli that I'm going to return all his new furniture to Ikea if he "gets out of that bed one more time!"