Friday, August 3, 2007


Yesterday was the kids' last swimming lesson of the summer. On the last day they get to play on the slides and in the kiddie waterpark area. Kaylin actually jumped off the diving board three times and swam to the side by herself. Logan went down the "scary" long enclosed tube slide he claimed he would NEVER go on. I'm bummed that just as they are both really catching on in their age groups lessons are over until next summer. I'm still in shock that summer's winding down so quickly. School starts in 17 days!

Flipping the calendar to August must automatically turn on the walkingstick phobia switch in my brain. Wooooooooooo. I know they're out there. I've been perfectly fine all summer, pulling zillions of weed and vines, working outside without a care. Now that it's August I'm getting jumpy and starting to look for them. Yesterday at work I went to plug in a light in the tortoise barn. A stray piece of hay behind the outlet box made me jump back and whack my head on a ceiling crossbar. Later in the day a small twig in the zebra stall drain made me jump. I pretty much think EVERYTHING that's twig size is a walkingstick! I MUST get over this!

Webkinz is an evil addiction. Do NOT buy them for your children or YOU WILL get hooked! They just upgraded their website and added a new charm hunt game. You now can buy Webkinz charm bracelets in real stores. The charms include a code that can be entered at the website. One code will get you into the new game. EIGHT codes will give you full game privileges. If you collect ALL the charms (probably 17,000 or so...) you win Kinzcash and other virtual prizes. Do you know how badly "I" want to buy these stupid charms???? You might be thinking "Well, at least Kaylin will love the charm bracelet so not a complete waste." True. BUT the codes can only be used once. Therefore I will need to buy enough charms to power both Kaylin's and my (uh, I mean Logan's) accounts! Hopefully the charms will be ridiculously expensive since my cheapness WILL override my Webkinz addiction :)

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