Friday, August 10, 2007


I was flipping through my alumni magazine last night and skimmed through the "alumni news" to see if my niece's birth was listed. I then realized that duh, she was only born a couple weeks ago and the deadline for this issue was probably May. Anyway, I guess I was thinking about getting to see her next week when they're home visiting because I had one crazy dream...

I walked into my parents' house and was extremely impressed that Mollie was on the floor holding her own bottle. Then she started rolling over and over around the room and got up on her hands and knees and crawled toward me. I was already shocked that this tiny baby was so mobile, but then she started speaking to me, using phrases like "quality establishment" and other huge words (at least for a newborn.) When I expressed my surprise to my sister-in-law she casually said "Oh yeah, she never stops moving and never shuts up." My amazement woke me up :)

Today is Kaylin's last day of Camp Zone. Next week she'll go to the Y daycamp and then school starts! Seriously, HOW can summer be almost over??? I'm getting a little tired of working in the extreme heat but I'll gladly take it over the cold. I also prefer pulling weeds to raking leaves. (Except this week I spent an entire day pulling weeds behind the tiger exhibit and ended up with poison ivy all over my arms and legs despite repeated scrubbings.) I don't want to trade in my shorts for Carhartt's and multiple pairs of socks! Ok, enough whining for today.

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