Wednesday, July 11, 2007

webkinz, ahhhhh!

We got Kaylin a monkey Webkinz for her birthday. Then we went away for a few days and found ourselves busy doing other things and blah blah blah so Kaylin completely forgot about the special code and the Webkinz Website. She remembered it a few days ago so I helped her sign up and figure out the basics BUT I made her PROMISE that SHE would figure out the games, etc. and not bug ME to help her because I was NOT going to do it!

Um, yeah. Turns out "I'm" totally addicted. Every morning before we leave for camp/work we MUST play "Wheel of WOW." We also must check the daily "hourly specials" so the moment we walk in the door we can log on and claim our 20% off coupon from the W Store! I used to spend my free time reading blogs or perusing the DISboards but now I play Quizzy's to earn KinzCash so Poofy the monkey can have a $1000 cherry blossom tree in her yard.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the Webkinz site allows you to adopt a virtual pet and set up a room for them. You can furnish the room with everything from beds to couches to toys. You can also buy extra rooms and outdoor yards that can be furnished with everything from toilets to trees to trampolines and swimming pools. You also have to buy food for your pet and keep them healthy with exercise. You have to buy everything from the W store and must earn money by playing games. Oh, and everything costs a LOT so you have to play a lot to earn a lot of $$$.

Now I'm considering buying Webkinz trading cards because you get codes to buy special "trading cards only" merchandise! Ooooh, it's 6:04am and Kaylin just woke up and said "Let's play Wheel of WOW! Gotta go!

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