Sunday, July 8, 2007

Shooting Spree

Today is my day off but zookeepers are lowly and can only use the shooting range on Sundays- and then only after the police are finished. Today was my first session of shotgun training. Until today, I have never fired a gun (other than my brother's BB gun) or even held one. I had heard plenty of horror stories of the shotgun kick causing all kinds of bruising and pain to my coworkers so I was DREADING this session!

Today's session included two zookeepers and one police officer acting as our trainer. My coworker is the best shot at the zoo so he was there just for practice. I, on the other hand, had to learn the names of the different parts of the gun and the kind of slugs we use. I had to learn to hold the gun, load the gun and yes, shoot the gun. I then shot 15 rounds from 15 feet. I pretty much sucked, but I DID manage to hit the posterboard-sized target every time! I didn't actually hit the outline of the man every time, but at least hit the paper. The fact that Coworker shot from 25 feet and hit not just the "man" but the rectangle of points with all his shots didn't bring me down. I was quite pleased with my success. I was also surprised at how little pain I was in. I expected to come away barely being able to move my arm. I don't think I'll even have a bruise. It's been three hours and I have no pain or stiffness. Whacking my head on the crossbar in the camel barn yesterday hurt MUCH more. So- now I've shot a gun. Whoop-dee-doo.

As soon as I got home Kaylin started begging to go shopping for school supplies. Um, it's July 8. School doesn't start until August twenty-something! Please, please, please???? Eh, why not?
WalMart has about 2/3 of their school stuff on the shelves. I only let her buy the 20 cent crayons and glue and the 10 cent notebooks. I made her wait for sales on markers and scissors. Kaylin was beyond disgusted by my cheapness but I DID allow her to choose whichever two folders she wanted. And one of them was (gasp) $1.44! Who you calling cheap?

AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! Logan just put his HEAD in one of the pockets of the $1.44 folder! Phew! It survived, but it's going out of reach for the next month and a half. Let the crying begin...

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