Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Kaylin's big birthday present was an iPod Shuffle. She's been begging for her own MP3 player for a long time and I'm sick of her always wanting ONE of MY earphones while I'm listening so I researched several "kiddie" models. I was not impressed so I finally decided to spend the extra bucks and go for the Shuffle. Now I can easily download her songs off of my iTunes account- I just have to be careful to keep YMCA off of MY iPod!

Kaylin absolutely loves the thing but the ear buds don't fit in her ears. Therefore she's using it with speakers and "I" have to listen to the Macarena ten times in a row before listening to Walking on Sunshine five times in a row, followed by Hannah Montana and the Cha Cha Slide. I think yesterday was the first time listening to music actually put me in a BAD mood! Of course then she listened to Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins which significantly improved my mood due to the absurdity of that song being on HER playlist. (One of these songs does not belong here...)

We're all off of school/work/camp today so I think we'll head over to Best Buy for some good old fashion headphones! Perhaps headphones will also cut down on Logan's misunderstood lyrics! My boy is not a gifted singer to begin with, but listening to him screech "I'm markin' on a sunshine" in the car over and over and then listening to the fight when Kaylin tries to correct him, well, it's getting on my nerves!

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Doug said...

Not sure if you've purchased the headphones yet, but let me warn you about the behind-the-head variety. Sam and Eli go through headphones at an astonishing rate on car trips to San Diego (they use them for their DVD player and pull off the foam and eat it, chew through the wires, step on them, "accidentally" snap them in half, etc), so I've tried them all. I go to Wal-Mart only for a select few items, and their $4.97 semi-disposable (and highly recommended) headphones are one of them. On a recent visit, however, they were sold out, so I upgraded to the whopping $7.97 RCA model that wraps behind the head instead of the more traditional over-the-head variety. I listened to four-and-a-half solid hours of complaining about those stupid headphones (rubbing at the ear, falling off the head, just plain uncomforble, and so on), so I finally ended up turning off the car stereo and letting them watch Ice Age with the DVD's built-in speakers at an excruciating volume. Lesson learned. I will shop multiple Wal-Marts next time, if necessary, and stick with the more traditional varity.