Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Usually, going to the fair triggers thoughts of sticky, sweaty kids with feet black from all the dust and dirt. Crowds of hot, grumpy people making (gasp) skin-to-skin contact while waiting for their kids to get off the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP motorcycle ride. The smell of manure from 1000 farm animals baking in the sun. I put my family through this torture year after year and Gene rolls his eyes ("You sure?") and drags himself along.

Yesterday was different. It rained just enough in the afternoon to knock down the dust but not make any mud. It was just cloudy enough that the sun wasn't blazing and the temperature and breeze were perfect! I think the earlier rain kept the crowd away because I could have spread my arms and flapped and twirled and would never have touched another human. It was the ideal evening to go to the fair!

I love the animals, the kids love the rides and Gene likes to pick up all the free stuff. Unfortunately, this particular fair has none of the free stuff... We got the kids ride armbands and I left them with Gene while I went to the animal shows. There was a tiger and an elephant show, as well as an exotic animal petting zoo, a reptile show and the usual farm animals. I watched all the shows (a painting elephant!) and checked out a gazillion pigs. The tiger show was kind of lame but I'm always amazed at how tame the show tigers seem. The tigers I work with would kill me instantly if I went inside their cage to play with them! I LOVE working with tigers, but have NO need or desire to make physical contact with them!

The kids went on endless rides and because the crowds were so low they got longer than usual rides and were allowed to stay on for the next ride if they wanted. Kaylin loves running through the Fun House over and over and Logan likes the giant slide and the kiddie coaster. A new favorite for both this year was a kiddie version of the swing ride. They went on at least 15 different rides and most of them over and over and over. We definitely got our $$$'s worth out of the ride armbands. It was a good time and I think Gene even had fun despite the fact that we brought NOTHING home with us.

Subject change: Kaylin used her birthday money to buy yet another Webkinz. (Three now for those keeping track.) This one's a duck named Nicole (after her first grade teacher.) EEEEK!!! I feel a collection coming on!!!

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