Sunday, July 22, 2007

hp and mental illness part 2

I've just got to throw in how much I loooooooooved the new Harry Potter book! If I could make a row of pukey cartoon hearts I would. JK Rowling deserves to be the richest woman in Great Britain! I don't think she could have written a better ending!

When Gene picked up Logan from daycare the other day, one of his teachers expressed concern that he's been picking at a hangnail on his thumb or messing with his feet constantly. WHAT??? Are you trying to say MY SON is obsessive-compulsive??? Oh wait... Yep, he is.

A friend emailed that upon inspecting her 11-yr-old daughter's room she found four large loads of laundry crammed under her bed. (She loves to write me about all the "things I have to look forward to" when my kids are older.) Yikes! Poor Kaylin probably won't own four loads worth of clothes until she's long out on her own!

I really had fun with the sea lions at work again this week. They're doing much better for me at the daily programs now. I'm not a big "animal show" kind of person so I'm shocked with myself at how much I enjoy doing them.

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tarable said...

Way to review an adolescent book, Suze.