Thursday, July 26, 2007

grumpy hamburger head

Ok, my new baby niece is 48 hours old and my brother still hasn't emailed a picture! C'mon! It's not 1987! (Yeah, I'm sure he has nothing better to do...)

I just realized it's July 26th. I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself for going a second summer in a row without using any of my work perks. I can get my family into most of the park district facilities for free, but other than swimming lessons I haven't taken advantage. I figured I'd at least take the kids to the pool with the water park. Nope. Bad Susy.

Kaylin's been having a blast this summer. She's in a park district day camp that meets right in front of the zoo (soooooo convenient.) They have a special activity nearly every day and go swimming and to a movie at least once a week. She's been fishing, canoeing, to children's museums, ice skating, roller skating, to a baseball game and bowling. They make crafts and play games and play in the sand a LOT. She comes home filthy and happy and tired and spends the weekends wishing she was at camp having fun. She's torn about going back to school because she loves camp so much.

Logan's daycare isn't quite as exciting but they have a lighter academic curriculum in the summer and get to play outside and in the water a lot more. He's learning useful things like name-calling and how much it annoys his sister. The other day Logan called Kaylin a hamburger head and she started bawling and screaming for me to punish him. Seriously? I DON'T CARE. There, I said it. Toughen up, buttercup. Call him a french fry head and move on with your life! Dunno, perhaps I shoulda made the boy eat soap?

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