Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm pretty much living for work at the moment... Last Thursday was the company picnic that kept me at work late, followed by Member Day/Donor Night on Saturday (my usual day off) that was a 15 hour day. This Saturday I will work again for Grand Opening and then next Friday I have to work to cover for coworkers taking off. The special events have been wonderful. I have been having a blast, but man, I. Am. Tired. On Saturday, the only time in the 15 hours I got to sit down was a half hour for lunch. Otherwise I was running around. Work is kicking my butt.

I've been so busy I've completely lost track of time and of the fact that this is the last week of school. I forgot about tee ball so Gene missed the Mandatory parent-coach meeting last week. We now have no idea what team Logan's on or where he's supposed to meet TONIGHT. I keep forgetting to sign Kaylin's student planner, something I've done every school night this year. Monday is the last day of school and the kids have to go from 8:45-9:15am. Seriously. This is going to be such a huge pain for Gene and me I am considering having them skip and just taking them directly to Camp Zone! Logan is furious that "everybody else" gets to have the rest of Monday off. Kaylin loves Camp Zone so much she can't wait to get there.

I'm ready for school to be out and to not have to worry about homework for three months. Hee hee. Logan received a homework packet every Monday night this year that was to be completed over the week and turned in on Friday. He came home EVERY Monday night and completed his packet before he allowed himself to play. It was totally self-imposed. Kaylin, on the other hand...

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