Monday, June 8, 2009


Saturday was Grand Opening for the new Africa exhibit. It was a beautiful day and everything went well. We went in at 6am to get all the animals out on exhibit and get as much cleaning done as possible before opening. I was letting the red river hogs out into their yard. When Sultana stepped over the small threshold into the yard I noticed her very protruding nipples. Yikes! My coworker was working in the hog dayroom which happens to have windows to the hog yard. I made her check out Sultana and we agreed she was quite plump and nipply. Later that afternoon Sultana was looking pretty uncomfortable and appeared to be in labor. We brought her inside and then moved her into the day room to separate her from the other two hogs.

Sunday morning I was really excited and went into work ~7:30am. I stopped in the zoo kitchen to grab my radio and told my boss I was going to check for piglets. I walked up to the window and sure enough, three adorable striped piggies! I announced my find over the radio and the few people already at work ran over to see. Sultana is a first time mom and so far she is doing a fantastic job caring for the piglets! It's been hard to work the past two days because I really just want to watch them.


When I was a teen a few of my good friends enjoyed making fun of my mom's angry outbursts over things they found to be hilarious. One friend still calls me a "cream cheese hog" and another teases her own children about "working at a gas station for the rest of their life" if they don't bring their grades up. If a teacher or other adult went off on us for something we considered stupid, we called it "pulling a DBK" after my mom's initials that were on her license plate. (Sorry Mom, the truth is out...) Anyway, last night I pulled a DBK on DBK.

I got home from work completely exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. By 7:45 I was in bed asleep. Kaylin came into my room and woke me up to talk about her birthday party. I told her I was sleeping and that we'd talk about it another time. She went away and I fell back asleep. A few minutes later, she came back into my room and asked again. I. Went. Off. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I was screaming at her that I didn't want to talk about her party and that I was tired and to leave me alone! When I finished my tirade, I realized she was on the phone with my mom. Whoopsee. Sigh. Like mother, like daughter.

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