Sunday, June 21, 2009

Buh-bye June

The fact that this is June 21st blows my mind! For the third year in a row, June has been so busy at work that I've basically lost the entire month. The past several weeks have literally been a big blur. I don't have any real time reference for work-related things because every day is pretty much like the next. At least this year's stress has been (for the most part) good. Grand opening of a new exhibit is WAY better than an inspection! Next year we have another inspection in June or July. Thinking about it makes me feel sick.

Last year the kids had swim lessons on Monday and Wednesday and Logan had tee-ball on Tuesday and Saturday. This year I had the awesome foresight to sign them up for the SECOND session of swim lessons so we only have tee-ball one evening a week. Tee-ball has been a blast! Logan loves every second of it. He's not particularly good, but he loves to practice and especially loves the games. He was very thrilled to find out his (2nd?) cousin is on his team. Are my kids and my cousin's kids second cousins? Whatever, Logan's happy :) Anyway, Logan had refused to wear his baseball pants to the first game because he'd never worn them before. Cuz was wearing his so Logan agreed to wear them to the second game. Aw, so cute. Perfect for picture day. Until I took a good look at his dirty knees and realized the reinforced knees were in the back. And the single pocket was in the front. Whoopsee! Eh, his backward pants probably won't show in the picture.

Yesterday we sort of celebrated Father's Day. We got Gene the new Punch-Out! game for Wii. I've never been crazy into video games, but Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for NES was my favorite video game ever. The Wii version is a blast. None of us has mastered the controls yet, but we all had fun fighting Glass Joe and Von Kaiser. I gave Disco Kid a shot, but I don't think I even landed one punch. After the Wii session, we went to Cheddar's for our now customary Cookie Monster and Brownie Thunder combination. Yummmmmmmmmm. Otherwise, Gene wanted to mow and do some other work around the house. Eh, it was his day, he had the option of choosing boring :)

I'm attempting to sneak some time off before one of my coworkers goes on vacation for basically all of July and half of August. If I get approved, we'll head out of town next weekend. If I get denied, I suppose I'll remain stressed until my late August vacation time. Ugh. Too. Much. Work.

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