Friday, June 5, 2009

Wal-Mart crazy

Today is my one and only day off this week and then I have to work 7 days straight for the grand opening of the new Africa area at the zoo. I have a large to-do list to complete. Nothing major, just making sure the bills, property taxes and house payment are paid, the laundry is done and the groceries are stocked. Since work has been consuming my life and will for the next couple of weeks, I wanted to make sure I remembered important things like the kids needing cold lunch supplies for daycamp next week. I got their input this morning before (their last full day of) school and headed to Wal-Mart for supplies.

Wal-Mart was a disaster area! They are rearranging the entire grocery section of the store and had literally about 30 extra people stocking shelves and moving stock from one aisle to another. I was trying hard to find all kinds of extra things for lunches, but EVERYTHING was out of place. It would have been really annoying and frustrating had it not been so funny! I walked down one aisle filled with canned vegetables, moved on to the next aisle filled with um, canned vegetables. There was a section with Jack Daniels Hard Lemonade directly next to apple juice with Sesame Street character bottles. The fruit snacks were in between displays of beer. (That's my weekend relaxation treat- fruit snacks and beer!) When I thought I was finished and realized I forgot toilet paper, I had to walk all the way to the back of the store to find it. I'm sure I forgot many things and will have to send Gene back later in the week :) Maybe they'll at least be organized by then...

Well, better go pay the bills and wheeeee! stop at the bank. Oh, and drop by the vet's office for flea stuff. Thank goodness for my boring day :)

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