Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Spender

Gasp! Logan spent HALF of his money this week!

Logan had a goldfish in his room from the time he was born until it died last year. Beth was a cool goldfish. She (yeah, I have no idea how to determine the sex of a goldfish) would respond when someone walked into the room and swim around excitedly, begging for food. When Beth died, I threw out her disgusting plastic tank and decided to be done with fish for a while.

Last week Logan got it into his head that he NEEDED more fish. He wouldn't stop talking about it. I decided that he could get fish, but ONLY if he bought the fish and supplies with his own money. I also offered an incentive program through which he could earn the fish by (finally) learning to properly tie his shoes and use the phone, but he actually opted to spend his own money.

Friday night we went to WalMart and bought a 5 gallon "starter set" aquarium. I required that it had a full hood so the cats can't get into it. We set up the aquarium and let it run for a couple of days. Sunday, Gene took Logan to the pet store and got four goldfish. Vidia, Jokish and Queen Victoria are still with us. Harold met a sad end sucked into the filtration pipe.

I suppose the important thing is that Logan actually spent ~$40 of the money he loves to buy fish that he loves more. Not surprisingly, he's been taking excellent care of the fish, carefully feeding them just the right amount. I don't doubt that the only thing I'll have to do for these fish is helping Logan clean their tank occasionally. I'm just happy that my kid loves animals as much as I do :)

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