Tuesday, February 5, 2008

super-duper tuesday

Someday when I'm old, I'm gonna be an election judge! It will definitely be one of my "80 Before 80" goals, LOL.

The polls opened at 6am. I walked in at 6:09. There were a couple people already at the voting machines but I was the only person checking in. The elderly woman asked my name, I gave it, and she began looking through the books. After flipping through the first two, she realized that "T" is near the END of the alphabet and that, just perhaps, my name might be in the third book. She then turned me over to an elderly man who managed to find my name. Well, actually, I yelled "That's it!" as he flipped past it. I signed my name very slowly, attempting to make my signature as close to the one on the paper as possible. The original woman checked the signatures for at least 30 seconds before she cleared me and sent me to the second table of confused elderlies.

Old Hag #2 asked "Democrat or Republican?" When I said Democrat, two old ladies at the first table cackled "Another Democrat, har har har." I will NEVER know if they were happy or making fun of me!?! Anyway, I got my number, voted, and was heading for the door when Old Hag #2 stopped me and asked if I saw the American flag? I couldn't remember seeing the flag but I assured her that my ballot had been accepted. She asked again if I saw the flag? I again told her I couldn't remember seeing a flag, but I DID see that my ballot had been accepted. She asked again about the flag. Um, NO, I did NOT see the flag!!!!! I DID see the WORDS that said my ballot had been accepted!!!!! Old Hag #1 came and looked at the machine and said "It's ok, Carol, her light is green, it's #3 that's red and that man is still voting." Oooooohhh. I then took TWO "I Voted!" stickers (just to annoy my new friends) and made my way out.

I woke Gene as soon as I got home and told him he better go vote NOW or he was gonna wait an hour or more in line. He took me seriously and left without even completing his Morning Ritual! He was glad he went early because he waited quite a while with only two people in front of him. Ugh.

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