Sunday, February 3, 2008

Joinin' the gym

After two years of making excuses, I finally joined the Riverplex. As a park district employee I get a 50% discount on membership. I've made every excuse to stop running since it got cold and/or snowy and I NEED to start again NOW if I want to be ready for the Zoo Run Run in September. (Yes, seriously, I am THAT bad of a runner!!!) Anyway, I heard about a "couples" rate and asked my dad if he wanted to join with me to save some $. (He's been a member since the place opened.) Not shockingly, Dad DID want to save money so we met at the Riverplex last Monday. The salesman gave us quite a deal!

Since Dad was already a member my initiation fee was waived. Then, we found out the couple's rate with my discount was less than the regular single rate with a senior discount. Dad was thrilled for the savings and paid BOTH of our memberships. Thanks Dad!

I've gone three times this week. So far, I've just used the indoor track for my run/walk because I haven't taken the initiation class to learn how to use all the fancy equipment. Hopefully, I will take that soon, but since I can't get calls at work I haven't been able to sign up (you leave a message and they call you back.)

The biggest drawback to the Riverplex is that it's on the river. I keep looking out the many windows around the track and spotting bald eagles on the ice. I want to watch the eagles more than I want to run. Saturday I was watching an eagle take off as I was rounding a corner and walked into a large post. Fortunately, I was WALKING at that time! The couple walking behind me was plenty amused :) I was relieved that a friend who happened to be running at the same time was nowhere in sight!

In other news, Molo the cat has settled down and hasn't yowled or puked in over a week. Thank goodness because I talked to my aunt today and he'll be here another week. The kids love him and Logan wants him to stay forever. Um, no thanks. One kitty's enough!

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