Thursday, February 14, 2008

oh the agony

Whoa! I knew I'd be in pain from my personal trainer workout, but I had hoped it would last a day and be done. Nope. My thighs hurt so much on Tuesday I'm surprised I made it through the day at work. It didn't hurt to stand still, but walking, bending, crouching, sitting (the act of sitting, not just sitting there) and especially stepping up or down hurt terribly. Lifting was hard because I use my legs so much. Wednesday the pain was almost as bad, but I had a million things to accomplish. I had to help unload a meat delivery. Each box of meat weighs 40 pounds and I had to step up into the freezer to stack it. OUCH! I then had to move the extremely heavy scale to weigh a capybara and then crouch through a small doorway and step over several rope fences to move some peacocks from one area to another. (At least peacocks don't weigh much!!!)

It's Thursday morning and while I feel a noticeable improvement from yesterday, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I would even CONSIDER any kind of workout yet! I'm upset about this because normally I would have run yesterday. I seriously doubt I will be ready to run tomorrow. I will be lucky if I get another workout in before my next session with the evil personal trainer!

I have a workout nutjob friend who keeps reassuring me that after several weeks I'll be used to the workout and will have no more pain. Um, there is NO WAY I'm going to have several weeks of pain!!!! I'm certainly no fitness expert, but I can't imagine one killer workout that makes me suffer for days is better than four regular workouts. My goal is to run a 5K race in September, NOT to be a bodybuilder!!!

I know, "No pain, no gain" but this is too much freaking pain!

The kids are both fighting off nasty colds, hoping desperately they'll be well enough to go to their Valentine's parties at school today. I got a call from the Y (school's out daycamp for Lincoln's birthday) on Tuesday that Kaylin had a headache and felt dizzy. I asked if they wanted me to come get her and they said they'd call back in a half hour if she hadn't improved. I was WAY behind at work and it would have been a horrible day for me to leave early so I called Gene and begged him to get Kaylin if necessary. He called the Y and they said she was happily eating lunch with her friends. Ahhhhh! Drama Queen behavior is so foreign to me! I can probably count on my fingers the days of school I missed due to illness and I NEVER ONCE called home for my mom to pick me up early! Kaylin wasn't faking it last night. She was obviously congested and miserable. Logan's cough is much better so hopefully he's done with being sick for a while. But judging from the note that came home from daycare...

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