Sunday, February 17, 2008

oh the ecstasy

I've been dreading the next meeting with my personal trainer since I left her last Monday. I still haven't completely recovered from the mega-workout. I've run twice since last Monday but my legs tire quickly and I walk a lot more than I run. I just got the Best. Call. Ever!!! Liz the personal trainer is stuck at home (several hours away) in bad weather and SHE had to cancel tomorrow's session. YIPPEE!!!!!!! I rescheduled for next Monday, but at least I'll be fully recovered by then. Hopefully...

The kids have both been feeling better and did get to go to their Valentine's parties at school. I couldn't believe how much candy they brought home. Logan had an entire lunch bag crammed full of candy. Blech.

Friday night we went to my niece's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. EVERYONE in Peoria must have had the same idea. I think there were 12,000 people crammed into that place! I planted my butt in a booth and played with my 6-month-old niece most of the night. The kids had a great time despite the crowds, but from now on I'll stick with going on Tuesdays when the crowds are low.

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