Sunday, February 24, 2008

running and diet

Since I'm completely positive everyone's been on the edge of their seat waiting for an update...

I was really disappointed with my lack of progress in running. I was still running one lap/walking one lap on the Riverplex 1/8 mile track. After my running lap I was ready to walk. I FINALLY realized I was probably running too fast because I was outrunning the diehard runners on my running laps. Yesterday I tried running on a treadmill for the first time. I shocked myself! (I didn't get electrocuted, I was just surprised, lol.)

After a quarter mile walking warm-up, I was able to run a full mile AT ONCE! I then walked another quarter mile, ran a half mile and finished with a half mile walk. I went in to do the same thing today and ended up running a full mile and two half mile stretches, with quarter mile walks before, between and after runs. Wooohoooooo! I finally have some real hope that I'll be able to run 3 miles by September :)

As for my diet, I'm still sticking to it two meals (and usually snacks) a day. I'm bad enough at making dinner for the family without having to make a separate meal for myself. Eating it for breakfast, morning snack and lunch regulates my blood sugar so I never have issues at work. I also end up eating about ten times more fruits and veggies than I did before, so I feel like it's totally worth it. (I've never had blood sugar issues after lunch.)

I've lost a few pounds but that's probably as much to do with running as diet change. Plus, I have this insane new love of Zingers. Zingers were the cheap lunchbox dessert of my childhood. The thought of them totally made me gag. Until my boss brought in a box of the vanilla ones, that is... I don't even know why I ate one- they're yellow and nasty-looking, like they should be lemon. Yuck. I think eating one was on about the same level as being dared to eat a piece of monkey chow. Turns out Zingers are now made by Hostess instead of Dolly Madison. They are delicious!!!! The chocolate Zingers are good, too! Unfortunately, I would happily eat them every day...

Logan had his third ear infection in less than two months this week. He spent Thursday night waking every hour screaming about his ear pain. Ear drops and ibuprofen did NOTHING to help. Gene and I tag-teamed work Friday (I went in the morning, Gene in the afternoon) and I took Logan to the doc in the afternoon. She said four infections in six months would qualify him for tubes. Bummer. I mean, we COULD get lucky, but I've been waiting for him to need tubes since he was born. I was hoping that since he's FIVE we might have avoided tubes. (Kaylin's E-N-T told us if we ever had a boy he would definitely need tubes so I've always assumed Logan would need them. Kaylin got tubes before her first birthday.) Logan's feeling much better and this round of (different) antibiotics isn't giving him diarrhea!!

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