Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mii Fat

I think it was last weekend I finally got around to setting up the Wii Fit. I bought it before our vacation, but I'd read so many things about it weighing you and telling you you're fat, etc. I just didn't have the energy to hook it up. Hey, I'm no couch potato! I have a physically demanding job AND I run and work out regularly. I could STILL stand to lose a few pounds, but my weight honestly doesn't reflect how FAT I am. Muscle weighs more than fat and you can't spend every day shoveling hundreds of pounds of rhino doo without gaining muscle!

Anyway, I set up the Wii Fit and did my body imaging test (or whatever it's called.) I KNEW it would call me overweight, so I wasn't a bit surprised when I fell into that category. What DID surprise me was the chubbing of my Mii! The Mii I lovingly created ages ago appears to have gained 50 pounds! My Mii appears way heavier than the real me! So annoying, but whatever...

As far as the Wii Fit itself goes, I can't believe how much fun it is. Balance games, yoga poses, "aerobics" and strength training. All are fun but I have yet to break a sweat. Kaylin LOVES the thing! She's unlocked most of the extra games and poses. I haven't dedicated that much time to it. I do really enjoy learning the different yoga poses and the stretching is great, but otherwise Wii Fit is certainly not a replacement for the gym. Probably because it's a video game :)

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