Saturday, March 28, 2009



The vet's office I used to work for occasionally accepts litters of kittens. They check them over, test them for feline leukemia, spay or neuter, deworm, give first vaccines and treat for fleas before selling them for $100. Yes, I could have hunted down a "free" kitten or else gotten one from the shelter for $60, but once you pay for all the previously mentioned services, a free kitten costs about $250. A shelter kitten costs about $100-$150 more than its adoption fee. Another great thing about the vet's office kittens is that they quarantine the kittens for several days before putting them up for adoption to be sure they don't have upper respiratory disease which is quite common in shelter and pet store cats.

The vet's office had six kittens. None were orange tabbys, but there was one adorable calico. She was sweet and calm and allowed both kids to hold her. There was a gray tabby male who was very nippy and scratchy and was immediately ruled out. Three of the other kittens were calm and seemed very nice. Tiger was an instant favorite. He was active and played with all the toys in the cage but when you stuck your fingers in to play with him he licked them instead of biting. He was the only kitten who batted at the kids with his claws retracted.

We've had him at home for two hours and so far, I think we made the right choice. Tiger felt right at home, exploring all over the house and playing with his new kitten toys as well as Logan's cars and toy parking garage. He put up with the kids dragging him around and following him everywhere. Right now he's curled up in his bed sleeping with Logan hanging over him sighing loudly because he wants to play some more. Tess (our old cat) has so far refused to meet Tiger. She hid in the closet while he was playing and only came out and sniffed his toys after he was asleep. She doesn't seem nearly as distressed as when we've watched Sharon's adult cats so hopefully her adjustment won't be too long and stressful. Isn't he cute?

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