Thursday, March 26, 2009

Annoying neighbors

I took today off to get rid of the last of my e-time I had to use before the end of the month. I didn't have any obligations so I decided to spend the majority of my day reading and relaxing. At 9am, Little Boy came over, pounded on the door, walked into the house and was very upset with me that the kids were at school. I sent him on his way and he was back about 30 minutes later. Another half hour later I decided to quick use the bathroom before I left to go to Barnes and Noble. I heard the front door open and little footsteps running through my living room. I just kept quiet and seconds later when I left the bathroom there was a child's snow shovel that was covered in dog poop in my hallway. Uh... I grabbed the shovel, threw it outside and headed for my car. Horrible Neighbor Dog spotted me and TORE over to jump on me. I nearly slammed his stupid head in my car door, but I beat him.

It was ~10:30am and I was already thoroughly disgusted with the neighbors. Why don't you watch your 3-year-old? Why do you allow him to keep coming over and bothering me when my kids are obviously not at home? Why do you allow your awful dog to run around off leash to jump on everyone he sees? And most importantly, do your kids come into my house when we're not home?

After lunch I was back home, relaxing and reading. I locked my door so the brats couldn't just walk in. Now Little Girl was home from school so they BOTH came over and when they couldn't walk in they pounded on the door and rang the bell over and over and over. Every time I dozed off, they were back, pounding and ringing the bell. WHY? They knew the kids still weren't home. It's so hard to communicate with the parents. I guess I'll have to write them a note. Grrrrr.

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