Monday, March 16, 2009

The Big Day

Littlest Neighbor Boy hasn't been over since the day he came with his mom. I kind of forgot about him until yesterday when the neighbors' entire driveway was filled with cars. Cars full of celebrators of the Big Birthday. Littlest turned two! Ugh.

I was extremely happy when I pulled into our driveway after work tonight to find NO cars at the neighbors' house. Unfortunately, they pulled in just as the kids were finishing dinner. Within seconds, all three kids were over. Little Girl and Little Boy dragged Littlest into the house, proudly announcing his being old enough to come over now! I said "Hi Littlest" and scared him half to death. He spent about three minutes looking around before he decided to run home to mom. Bwa ha ha ha. But seriously, the kid is still a baby. There is NO WAY he should be coming without an adult and NO WAY I'm going to babysit every night after work. I have a feeling this could get ugly. I'm going to explore my legal options. MY kids are plenty old enough to play in our yard without constant supervision. I'm just not going to babysit someone else's kids after a hard day at work!

I took the kids to Holland's Mercantile in Washington on Saturday. I was sure they'd been there before, but they didn't remember. They were quite impressed with all the candy. Logan is totally obsessed with fire extinguishers and found some cherry spray candy in a fire extinguisher toy. Kaylin got a candy paint brush with powder candy "paint." I got Zotz and Grapeheads :) Kaylin loved their toy section, but Logan just wanted to look at the candy. Both want to go back ASAP!

Speaking of fire extinguishers, Logan and Gene have the most boring morning ritual EVER. Every morning Logan climbs into bed with Gene and they look up fire extinguishers on Gene's laptop. They read about all the different varieties and what types of fires they can put out and how much money they cost. How Gene has the patience to do this day after day I will NEVER understand :) Good Daddy.

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