Monday, March 23, 2009

Nasty apples

Last night Logan was eating an apple. He was really mad at me because I refused to get out the apple peeler/slicer thingy and therefore his apple tasted gross! I glanced up from my book and told him his apple didn't taste gross because of the skin, but because of all the BLOOD on it. He showed me his (first) loose tooth and it was at one of those cringe-inducing angles one can only view for a split second before looking away repulsed. I told him to go look at his wiggly tooth in the mirror and yank it out. He did.

I was in shock. He actually did it! No crying. No whining. No weeks and weeks of a tooth dangling by a thread... It was a little disgusting when he spent the next 20 minutes wandering around with a bloody paper towel, but he was so proud of himself it was worth it. Logan was kind of disappointed at the idea of the tooth fairy because I think he kind of wanted to keep the tooth, but well, he really likes money, so anything for a buck!

Kaylin was a little jealous of all the attention Logan was getting. She's lost at least 8 teeth now, but not ONE of them has come out intentionally! Kaylin absolutely refuses to wiggle/pull/allow anyone else to touch her loose teeth so Gene and I probably made a bigger deal than necessary about Logan just yanking his out. Still, Kaylin made Logan a nice envelope with a drawing of Logan and the tooth fairy that said Logan's First Lost Tooth. Sigh.

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