Sunday, February 22, 2009

Surprise Visitors

I ran a few errands this afternoon and came home to no kids! All of the kids were at the neighbors' house. I spent a blissful 15 minutes in silence before noticing all of the kids tromping over. I couldn't see through the slats of the blinds really well, but I told Gene "Uh oh, I think Baby Neighbor Boy (from here on out known as Littlest Boy) is coming over." Littlest Boy has been over a few times during the warm weather but he's never been inside unless possibly his mom was holding him. I've always assumed he'd be coming over with his older siblings as soon as the weather gets warm, but I thought I had a little more time. I was wrong...

Not only did Littlest Boy come over, but Neighbor Mom came along. It turns out Littlest will be TWO in a couple of weeks and at that time he will be allowed to come over without mom! Oh, duh! Who doesn't allow their freshly turned two-year-old go by himself to the neighbors??? Mom came along this time because Littlest is shy and wouldn't come on his own. I suppose she'll be over a few more times before the Birthday of Emancipation.

I have NO IDEA why this shocks me so much since Little Boy had just turned two when these people bought the house and he practically lived with us for weeks before we really even talked to the parents. I wonder how many times Littlest will poop on my floor? I wonder if Gene is ready to potty train another neighbor kid? I wonder if Littlest is as destructive as his brother? I wonder if I can scare him and he won't come over anymore? Nah, that won't work. His mom will just come with him until he's not scared anymore. Ugh.

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