Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still at Disney!

Rainy Friday turned out to be a great day to visit the Magic Kingdom! Fantasyland was a ghost town. We made the first Dumbo ride of the day and then hit every other ride (some multiple times) before I noticed they were letting people into Toon Town. Kaylin and I "ran" to meet the fairies while Gene and Logan rode the Tomorrowland Speedway and the Goofy coaster over and over. Even on a day with light crowds and right at opening, we still spent more than 30 minutes in that fairy line. Fortunately, we got to meet Silvermist (new to us) but Kaylin was disappointed Fawn wasn't there. I guess we'll try to meet Fawn one last time when we return on Monday...

Oh, I mentioned that Friday was rainy, but by park opening it never really rained again. We occasionally had a light mist or very light rain, but never enough to put on our ponchos. The crowds were light the entire day. We stayed until ~5 and walked onto almost everything! We tried the relatively new Monsters Inc comedy club show for the first time. It worked along the same lines as Turtle Talk at Epcot- the monsters talked directly to audience members and reacted in real time to what they were saying/doing. It was pretty funny.

Logan's favorite thing to do is play with cars on the floor. I brought along some Hotwheels for him to play with in the car, but they never made it to our hotel room. Thursday night he was playing with a flashlight and a fingernail clipper, vrooming them around the floor for quite a long time. I wasn't paying attention, but when I realized the poor boy was playing with a fingernail clipper, I resolved to FINALLY get him some souvenirs! I hadn't let the kids buy any souvies yet because I wanted them to buy only what they REALLY wanted! Friday I bought Logan some Disney Racers (Hotwheels sized cars shaped to resemble Disney characters.) He loves them and traded in the fingernail clipper for the real thing :)

Today we're planning to go to Epcot World Showcase and tomorrow Magic Kingdom one last time. Monday afternoon we'll leave Disney World and go to the Nickelodeon Family Suites for one night before heading home. I hope to stop at a Florida state park to see wild manatees on the way home. I'd also love to stop at the aquarium in Atlanta. We'll see...

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