Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to work

In a couple hours I'll be back at work. I figured that after two weeks I'd be dying to get back but I could actually use another week off. Oh, well.

The trip home was smooth. The kids were getting wiggly after a few hours of driving so we stopped at Nashville Zoo and visited my friend Julie. She was surprised to see us, but had time to show us around the zoo and join us for lunch before we left. It was a good time and a great way for the kids to burn off some energy before driving another 8 hours.

We are happy to be home. The cat was THRILLED to see us! She waited about 10 minutes after we got home to be sure it was really us and then came out and greeted us with 45 minutes of non-stop meowing. My friend who came to take care of the pets said she never once saw the cat in the twelve days she came! I guess poor Tess was ready for some human contact.

I was really glad I didn't board Brady-dog. He's 12 1/2 now and was having some knee issues right before we left. I don't know if his knee is healing or if the arthritis meds are working or what, but he was limping badly when we left and now has only a slight, almost unnoticable limp. He was very glad to see us, but I could tell he received plenty of attention from Meghan :)

Well, I better wrap the bee-you-tee-ful doll made of shells we brought back for Kaylin's teacher and check over Kaylin's homework. I'm dreading the fight tomorrow night when both kids bring home stacks and stacks of make-up work! Logan is going to be SHOCKED!!!

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