Sunday, February 22, 2009

Procrastinating the inevitable

Two things I do Every. Single. Weekend. are laundry and a grocery trip. I usually do both early Friday morning to get them out of the way (well, sort and start laundry anyway.) This weekend I also NEED a haircut. So far, I haven't been able to force myself to shop or get a haircut. The laundry is almost done (I only need to do a load of towels) but that is thanks mostly to Gene. I took today (Sunday) off this week so I will have time to do this stuff, but WHY didn't I just do it on Friday???

Kaylin FINALLY finished all of her makeup work from our vacation! Well, except for one worksheet about San Antonio (yawn) that she needs her social studies book to complete. She didn't finish until late Saturday afternoon, so I had a wonderful break from the neighbor kids who were banned from coming over until she finished :) Logan spent most of the day next door and then the second Kaylin finished she RAN over as well. I imagine they'll be over all day today.

Ok, now I'm using this extremely boring post to put off today's work. I'm gonna get that load of towels into the washer, hit the gym as soon as it opens at 7, shower and hit Wal-Mart as early as possible and then be ready to go out for my haircut when they open at noon. Yippeeeee! Ugh. I'd rather be at work!

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