Friday, February 20, 2009


Whee, a 3 day weekend! I have a few more days I need to take off before March 30th and this Sunday we were overstaffed so I took it off. We were considering going to Chicago this weekend, but we're supposed to get several inches of snow. Also, Logan seems to be catching the nasty cold Gene had all week and Kaylin's "finished" makeup work from our vacation turned into a huge stack of papers, etc. that showed up on Wednesday night. Brat Child apparently ignored this stuff in her desk for more than a week before realizing she acutally had to complete it! Then she didn't bring ANY of the text books she needed to complete the work on Wednesday and brought ALL the books EXCEPT the ones she needed on Thursday. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Yet another sad reason we'll never again take the kids out of school for a two week family vacation. Sigh.

My goal for today was to go through toys and kids' clothes and gather stuff to donate to a huge garage sale at the kids' school. So far today I've gone to the gym and sorted the laundry. It's after 1pm. I have no motivation :) I wish we were back at Disney World. It was a really unexciting week at work. I'm pretty sure the highlight was winning a giant Hershey bar at a long and boring meeting. Well, guess I better stop procrastinating and get cleaning. Ugh.

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