Saturday, July 5, 2008

weed pulling maniac

For some reason, only my right appendages are covered in poison ivy... Huh. Our big inspection is on Tuesday and I've spent my week madly pulling billions of weeds. I was very lucky and my pre-assigned time with a wonderful summer intern included this week. I was able to have her do a lot of my usual barn cleaning so I could concentrate on raking and weeding and trimming my yards. I've gotten a ton of work done, but have completely exhausted myself. I just have to get through today and it's my weekend! Next week will be a cakewalk! I'm not going to pull one weed next week. And I'm not going to paint ANYTHING for many, many months :)

I'm pretty used to the work so other than a little stiffness in my back I haven't been sore or in pain. Then Thursday I had to restrain an emu for a veterinary physical. Not fun. The vet needed a blood sample but every time he tried to draw blood the bird jerked her wing away. It took FOREVER and I was more or less lying on top of the bird, trying to keep her still. I don't know what muscles I used during that restraint, but they must have been ones I normally don't overwork! My upper arms still hurt and my legs hurt so much that night I could hardly sleep. The goofy male emu who normally is MUCH harder just stood for his vaccines and blood draw without ANY restraint. Thank goodness!!!

On Monday, Gene was running late from work so I took the kids in to swimming lessons while he sat in the car and ate. I normally sit by Kaylin's lesson and Gene sits by Logan's. I figured I better sit by Logan's since he can get pretty wild while the instructor's working with the other boys. There are only three kids (all boys) in Logan's class. I was talking with the other moms and told them I normally watch my daughter's class because Logan makes me so nervous I just want to constantly yell at him to not drink the water so he doesn't puke. They were laughing at my horror stories of last year's swimming lesson vomiting when he pulled himself up to the side of the pool and yakked all over the place. He then stepped back into the pool while I was screaming "Get out! Get out!" Fortunately, he made it back to the side before he spewed again. He got a tiny bit into the gutter and his instructor thought they'd have to clear the pool, but the manager ran over and said the gutter puke would immediately enter the filtration system so it was ok. Phew! This was just at the moment Gene walked in. Gene took him to the locker room. Logan puked again on the way and then again (thankfully in the toilet) inside. The manager who had to clean the carnage was the same one from last year's two incidents. I'm afraid we're going to end up banned from this pool!

Poor kid was pretty miserable that night. He somehow got puke in his nose and sinuses and spent the evening blowing it out. Other than that he was completely fine. He ate again and was perfect the next morning. Next year he'll be in the "big kid" class that doesn't meet on the stairs. Hopefully since he won't be able to jump in a bazillion times he won't ingest so much water!!! Otherwise, I don't have a clue how to get him to stop drinking the pool water!

Wednesday was the final lesson of the session so the kids got to spend most of their time going down the large slides. Logan and his friend went down several times, always racing each other and hitting the bottom at the same time. Every time Logan would yell "Yeah, baby!" or "That was awesome, baby!" to his friend. It was pretty hilarious. No idea where he picked up the "baby" thing?

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