Sunday, July 6, 2008


Wooooohooooooooo!!! Other than going in for an hour or so to touch up some last second tiger house paint on Monday, I'm done with pre-inspection preparation! Finally!!!! The tortoise still isn't moving around much, but he's eating so I'm happy with his progress.

We tried Kaylin's Mentos geyser. It was AMAZING!!! You screw a plastic tube onto a bottle of diet soda and fill the tube with seven mint Mentos. You pull the pin on the tube, the Mentos fall into the soda and within about 5 seconds the soda is shooting all over the place. Hilarious!!! Three-quarters of the bottle shot out. My cheap butt cringed at paying $6 for a silly plastic tube, but it was TOTALLY worth it! Anyone know where I can find more mint flavored Mentos?

One day last week I was picking Kaylin up from camp. The counselor watched as she ran over from the sandbox and said "Wow. Your daughter sure has a talent for getting filthy." I replied "Yes, she gets that from me." The counselor glanced at my muddy legs and zoo uniform (I WASH my hands and arms) and started laughing. A proud Mommy Moment for sure!

Gene took the kids to fireworks in Chillicothe to avoid the horrible Peoria riverfront crowd. I was so tired I skipped fireworks and was sleeping before they even left. It turned out to be a good show and the kids had a great time playing in the park beforehand. The next morning Logan went onandonandon about how they didn't get home until (gasp) AFTER 10:30!!!! For the kid who happily leaves his friends and willingly comes inside at 8pm to go to bed that was quite extraordinary.

Well, I haven't run all week because I was too worn out from work. That's over so I better get out there!

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Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

We love Steve Spangler's Mentos Geyser at our house, too!!!! You're right about that Geyser Tube; it was well worth the money. We got ours from the Spangler website for $4.95. Have you thought about signing up for the Experiment of the Week on the Spangler Science site? We've not had a boring day yet this summer since I signed up for that. I do love me the freebies! OH, and I never watch tv, BUT, when Steve Spangler himself is on "Ellen," I'm glued to the tube. He's on this Thursday, by the way.

Most dollar stores carry Mentos Mints; I get mine at the Dollar Tree, four tubes of Mentos for a buck.

We've tried other mints but Mentos are the best for the Geyser Tube.

We've tried other "pops," too, but you know what, those supermarket generic diet colas work even better than official Diet Coke.