Wednesday, July 9, 2008

helicopter parents

Quickly- the inspection is over! Actually, the two inspectors will be back briefly today, but it will be total coincidence if I even see them. Woohoo, we're done :D

I went to Logan's tee-ball game last night. Tee-ball is for 5 and 6-yr-olds who have little or no baseball experience. While some kids are slightly better, NOBODY is particularly good. No score is kept, kids swing until they hit, one base per hit, an inning is over when every kid has batted. The kids herd to the ball and they make hilarious plays and the parents laugh. Most parents cheer for everyone and maybe especially cheer for their own kid when they hit or catch a ball. Trey's mother needed to have her butt kicked and her mouth duct taped shut!

It was pretty obvious Trey was an only child. His mother wanted him to be a tee-ball superstar. Unfortunately, he was just like all the other kids. Crazy mom walked around nonstop, hollering at Trey to watch the batter and keep his eye on the ball. Every. single. batter. Every. single. swing. I already wanted to smack this woman upside the head when Trey made a horrible play. The ball was hit, Trey fielded it and then while his mother was SCREAMING at him to throw it to first, Trey threw it at the runner instead. The parents laughed goodheartedly and immediately forgot about it as the next batter was up. Trey burst into tears and ran off the field. His mom AND dad rushed over to comfort their little pumpkin. Trey cried and cried. THEN, his mom started walking around to all the parents, chewing us out because WE LAUGHED AT TREY and now he was afraid of being laughed at and refused to go back out onto the field. If WE weren't sooooooo inconsiderate he'd be playing. Trey's already on medication and he doesn't need this!!!! She chewed us out THREE separate times while Trey threw a fit and got tons of attention from his parents and coaches.

Ummm... SERIOUSLY, Mom????? Are you seriously laying blame on the other parents for your insanity? Do you think Trey even noticed our giggling? I doubt it! He probably knew he did something "terrible" and was going to get endlessly lectured about it later. He probably knew from YOUR SCREAMING how upset you were with his mistake! I can't begin to imagine why this poor child is on medication!!! Probably because YOU make him a nervous wreck and then coddle his ridiculous baby behavior!

The kid cried for 10-15 minutes, getting attention the entire time. Over a silly mistake in a game without a score. Wow. This kid is doomed and his crazy mom will continue to run around and blame everyone in sight for what she is OBVIOUSLY responsible for. Wow. Hopefully MOM will get some medication and back off the poor kid!!!

Thankfully, Logan noticed none of this and had a great time playing ball!

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