Thursday, July 10, 2008

inspection finally over

When I walked into work yesterday morning there was a note that said "Morning meeting at 9:30." We figured the boss was with the inspectors and that she'd be done and give us an update. At 8:40 she called over the radio and said we were meeting NOW. The inspectors had already come and gone! The inspection was over!!!

The boss went over all their comments and everything seems positive that we'll pass. We won't find out until the national meeting in September, but passing is a HUGE, HUGE deal. It is tough for an old zoo like ours that is in need of so many updates.

I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life. Two months of daily backbreaking work, going in early, skipping breaks, staying late, go, go, go to get as much done as possible. Weeds never stop growing, spiders never stop making webs, animals never stop pooping and making messes. The rain never stopped during May and June! I stopped phoning and emailing everyone. I was too tired to do anything that wasn't an obligation. I slept poorly and all but stopped running. If we pass it was worth it. If we don't pass I know I did everything "I" possibly could.

After the meeting, the boss left for a very deserved long weekend and the rest of us breathed a huge sigh of relief. The sky was blue and it was a beautiful day to be working outside. My intern laughed at me all day because I was so happy. She made a comment about how slowly I was driving the Gator from place to place when previously I had been driving so fast. We poked around and made enrichment for all the animals on my string and watched them play with it. I spent more than an hour pulling shedding hair off the camel. It was a wonderful day! The rest of the week should be just as calm and easy. I wasn't even tired at swimming lessons last night!

Well, guess I'll go run!!!

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Kathy Schrenk said...

Congrats! The Monday after next we'll be in Eureka with my parents (we're spending a week in St. Louis and for a couple days of that we'll be in Eureka and my parents are driving down from Chicago). We should go to your zoo! I'll let you know when exactly we'll be there...