Monday, June 4, 2007

Teeth, ugh.

Kaylin has had a loose front tooth for well over two months. It is dangling in her mouth but she absolutely refuses to twist or even wiggle it because it hurts a teensy bit. She was at the dentist in early April and at that time I thought the tooth was so loose that it would come out any day. The dental hygeinist couldn't even stand to look at it! It's still there.

The tooth is icky to look at and is starting to stink. I have made so many bribes of "If you lose the tooth by ___, I'll buy you ___..." I can't even remember what all I've offered. We were at ToysRUs yesterday and I told her if she lost the tooth while we were in the store I'd buy her anything in the store. Anything. She wouldn't even wiggle it with her tongue.

Last night I went out with a friend. Gene took the kids to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Everyone was in bed when I got home but Gene woke up and excitedly told me Kaylin lost her tooth when she bit into her ice cream sandwich! I was completely thrilled. I deposited some Tooth Fairy cash under her pillow and fell happily asleep.

This morning when Kaylin woke up I rushed back to her bedroom to see the missing tooth. She gave me a big smile and shock of all shock, she lost the OTHER front tooth! The tooth that was barely loose in comparison to the hated, dangling one! WHAT??????? AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

So now the Hated Tooth looks even more disgusting hanging there in her mouth. Kaylin has a couple of slightly loose lower teeth that will probably fall out first. At least she's now motivated to lose the tooth because she's excited about having both front teeth gone. Gene said she was actually wiggling it last night! It's just beyond belief to me that a kid wouldn't want to lose a tooth. I would have messed with the thing constantly!

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