Sunday, June 24, 2007

40 before 40 list

This post is for Janae who was offended by my desire to accomplish something before turning 40 when that is soooooooooooo far, far away!

40 before 40
A list of 40 things to accomplish before turning 40 on 10/29/2012.

1. Overcome walking stick phobia
2. Vacation without kids for at least 3 days
3. Vacation by myself for at least 3 days
4. Vacation with kids somewhere other than Walt Disney World
5. Start college savings for both kids
6. Organize and declutter entire house
7. Furnish at least one room with "real" non-hand-me-down furniture
8. Establish savings account
9. Avoid acquiring ANY new dogs, small mammals or birds
10. Meal plan for an entire month
11. No fast food for two months straight
12. Keep weight at or below current level
13. Regulate sleep schedule
14. Establish daily exercise program
15. Figure out how to balance family/work/kids activities/personal time
16. Go to Yellowstone or Grand Canyon
17. Visit a friend or family member out of state
18. Do something every day that takes me out of my comfort zone
19. Write a book- even if only for myself
20. Buy a video camera and actually use it
21. Hang family pictures
22. Learn to play piano or guitar
23. Read the classics I’ve never read
24. Eat the daily food pyramid recommendations for fruits and vegetables
25. Increase wardrobe to include DECENT outfits for every season and occasion
26. Get up close to a giant anteater
27. Take kids to see the eagles at the dam near Burlington
28. Run in a Zoo Run Run
29. Convince Logan to sleep in his own bed rather than under Kaylin’s desk
30. Find a place to see wild otters
31. Learn how to buy and cook meat other than hamburger and chicken breasts
32. Make and freeze a week’s worth of meals and then actually eat them as intended
33. Refrain from starting any new collections
34. Organize photos into albums or scrapbooks
35. Learn to identify trees
36. Go to a concert
37. Regularly keep a journal or blog
38. Read at least two books a month
39. Sleep in past 8am (being sick doesn’t count)
40. Do something completely unexpected (Tara claims I’ve accomplished this by writing this list.)


webmaster said...

very nice...

Doug said...

I wanted to give you a tip on #31 - start with a pork loin. They're pre-packaged and usually have distant-in-the-future expiration dates on them. Buy a couple of smaller ones, because two people can pretty much polish one off. Also buy a package of the Jack Daniels mesquite marinade (The kind where it comes in the bag that's folded over). Then go home, open the pork loins and the marinade bag, put the pork loins in the marinade bag, and put the whole thing in the fridge. You can leave it there for one day or several. Then, just squeeze the whole mess into a casserole dish and bake it at 350 for about 40 minutes, then slice and serve. Everyone will be all impressed, and it's easier than chicken breasts. You can also shred the pork with a fork instead of slicing it, and voila, you've got pork carnitas you can serve with tortillas for your Mexican friends :) Good luck!