Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gene took the kids to boat races on the river while I was at work today. For some reason they also saw some kind of martial arts demonstration and are HI-YA kicking the crap out of each other and the neighbor kids tonight. They have to put their hands at their sides and bow first. I'm waiting for the crying to start- probably because they whack their heads together while bowing.

Huh. Maybe the new neighbors will disapprove of this game. We've talked to the parents a total of TWICE and the kids have been over for hours every day for two weeks. The kids are 2 and 4! I would NEVER let MY kids go inside their house for hours on end. I don't know them! It's the weirdest thing... The kids are well behaved and nice and I usually don't mind having them here, but c'mon!

The zoo inspection is FINALLY over so work is back to normal. No more 10 hour days of frenzied painting and cleaning and weed pulling. I've actually taken both morning and afternoon breaks the past two days for the first time in months. The inspection went well though we apparently won't know we passed until September.

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