Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Snow in June

Last night Kaylin and I pulled into the parking lot for swim lessons and Gene and Logan were already there. We went over to their car, got Logan and headed to the building to change. Logan started screaming excitedly about snow. Sure enough, there was a HUGE pile of snow! (Apparently the skating rink next to the pool was, uh, changing ice or something?) Anyway, we all ran over and played in the snow on a 90 degree, 90% humidity day!

I wish I had my camera. It was great to watch the kids- in flip-flops and crocs- running around on this mountain of snow. Even Gene, the biggest snow hater in the universe, had fun. We went back and played some more after the lesson.

Speaking of the lesson... Both kids did great, following instructions and actually trying to kick and paddle, etc. There were only 4 kids in Logan's class last night so he got a lot of personal attention and did a lot of swimming and a lot of playing. At the end of the lesson his teacher did one more swim for each kid. Logan was last. As he finished "swimming" to the side he had a huge smile on his face. As he climbed out of the water the smile changed. As I watched everything went to slow motion (including my thoughts that took on that deep, drawn-out tone.)

Ohhhh, nooooooooooooo. Loooooogannnnnnn's gonnnnnnnnnna puuuuuuuuuuuuuke!

Sure enough, as soon as he got out of the water he spewed McDonald's all over the pool deck. And then again for good measure. He stood there surprised but calm, flicking chunks from his arms and legs. "Huh, I puked. I didn't eat Spaghettios but I puked. I must be sick." I told him he wasn't sick he just drank too much pool water. He happily accepted that explanation and went with Gene to shower and change.

I stood guard over the vomit for a few minutes so no one would step in it, but when Kaylin came I left it. His instructor went and informed SOMEONE but they obviously weren't all gung-ho about removing it. Oh well. Logan was fine afterward and went home and ate again. But NOT Spaghettios!

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